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Recent Portraits



Connecticut Junior Amateur Quarter Final Round

I had an opportunity to photograph the quarter final round of the Connecticut Junior Amateur Golf Tournament at Watertown Country Club.  There were eight young men aged 16 and 17.  As someone who loves golf and plays as much as I possible can, watching these guys was both awesome and depressing.  They not only hit it farther than I could ever dream of, they play with a confidence that belies their age.

Danielle and Robert at the Fox Hill Inn in Brookfield CT



Danielle and Robert wanted to be sure they threw a party everybody would enjoy, and they did!


Allie and Chaz’s Wedding at Aria in Prospect, CT

Danbury has a hidden gem in Tarrywile Manor.  A beautifully maintained mansion with a wrap around porch surrounded by gardens and acres of walking trails.  It was exactly what Kim and Brian were looking for.

Emily and Nick at Crystal Peak in Winchester Connecticut

Emily made this VERY easy!

Barbara and Guillermo in New York City

We genuinely enjoy photographing weddings.  We get to know some wonderful people and they give us an opportunity to document their joyous occasion and make some beautiful pictures.  What’s not to like about that?  But I have to admit, Barbara and Guillermo’s wedding was a special treat.  I met them on the steps of the Marriage Bureau in New York City.  They arrived in a big yellow Checker Cab.  I could not have possible imagined what the Marriage Bureau would be like.  Hundreds, and I do mean hundreds, of couples of all nationalities and all colors gathering to be married.  Some elegantly dressed couples waited their turn next to a couple in tee shirts and jeans.  I found it fascinating.  After the ceremony in the chapel Barbara changed into her high top sneakers and off we went for a stroll through lower Manhattan and then over to the waterfront in Brooklyn.

Marissa and Kevin at Tarrywile Manor in Danbury Connecticut

Tarrywile Manor in Danbury Connecticut provides a casual setting for any wedding and reception.  It was Marissa and Kevin’s choice and we were delighted because the building has great light and wonderful architectural features.

Chris and Sara’s Wedding

St Clements Castle in Portland Connecticut is a beautiful setting for any wedding or reception.  Chris and Sara decided on their family church for their wedding ceremony and then off to St. Clements Castle for photographs and fun.

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