Here are a couple things we’d like you to consider.

  • First, we’d really like to meet with you, listen to your plans, and together, create a custom package that meets your needs.
  • Second, your wedding day will not be a 9-5 experience for you and we won’t make it a 9-5 day for us.  We want to give you the day, however long that may be.  Of course, if you are absolutely convinced you only want a set number of hours, we’ll certainly do that for you.
  • And third, we are such strong believers in the value of a second photographer that we’ve make that add on very affordable.  We do a lot of candid photographs because we believe the spirit of anyone’s wedding is captured in those moments when you, your family and friends are  not being posed but are just being themselves.  So much goes on at weddings that it’s impossible for one person to capture it all.  If you don’t agree and are sure you want only one photographer, we’ll work with you.

So get in touch with us.  Tell us what you want and let us put it together for you.


Please contact us for more packages and custom pricing.

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