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Connecticut Junior Amateur Quarter Final Round

I had an opportunity to photograph the quarter final round of the Connecticut Junior Amateur Golf Tournament at Watertown Country Club.  There were eight young men aged 16 and 17.  As someone who loves golf and plays as much as I possible can, watching these guys was both awesome and depressing.  They not only hit it farther than I could ever dream of, they play with a confidence that belies their age.

Bad Apples Roller Derby Team

We had an opportunity to photograph some of the members of New York City’s “Bad Apples” roller derby team.  They were great!


Beauty Shoot at the Adam Broderick Salon and Spa

Way back in April I had the opportunity to do a beauty shoot with the folks at the Adam Broderick Salon and Spa in Southbury CT.  It’s only now that I’ve had some time to work on this post, weddings have kept us jumping this year.  Anyway,  Maggie and Kim were great models to work with – comfortable in front of the camera and not afraid to show a little attitude.  But I really think the stars of the evening were Bill, who did everyone’s hair, and Agnes, Tiffany, and Brit who did make-up and style.  They were first rate professionals all the way and a pleasure to work with.  They all made my job easy.  So my hat is off to all of them for giving me one of the easiest photographic evenings I’ve ever had.


The Mayflower Inn

I need to express my thanks to the Mayflower Inn & Spa.  The Mayflower is a stunningly beautiful inn located in Washington, Connecticut.  The gardens are a visual delight and the spa is washed in sunlight.  Take a look.

Jamie and Grant

I was so excited when Jamie and Grant asked me to photograph them a month before they expected to become new parents.    They’re great people who make a wonderful couple.  Their wedding was a complete blast.  I think Will and I had as much fun as the guests.  They came to the studio as casual as ever and needed very little prompting from me.  I’d say, “Just stand here”, and their genuine affection for each other and excitement for the future took right over.

Welcome Benjamin Bracco!

I had the opportunity to take some pictures of little Ben on a visit to my friends the Bracco’s in Connecticut. Chris and Amy just recently (two and a half weeks ago) welcomed Ben into their lives. He’s pretty awesome and quite handsome… obviously! There was some great light coming through their front window and I loved the color of the drapes. We took a matching blanket and tucked Ben into an antique planter. Luckily he’s young enough that he won’t complain!

Red Umbrella

I bought this red umbrella not because I needed another umbrella, but because I thought it would make a good prop in photographs.  Like many photographers, I walk around with ideas for pictures floating through my head and this umbrella triggered a whole set of potential images.  It’s one thing to have an idea but actually making the photograph can be a completely different story.  That’s when it’s really great to have a model who’ll help you work out some of your visions.  Sara was just wonderful!

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Take a camera with you….

When I started taking pictures I knew I wasn’t interested in ‘things’. I took plenty of pictures of ‘things’ and although some were good and some might have been beautiful, they just didn’t move me. Early on I discovered that it was people that interested me. I started taking pictures of my friends and that is when I learned to see the moments and the expressions that I wanted to capture. It taught me to look at everyone differently, to see what expressions people make; ones they make when they don’t think people are watching and ones they make when they know a camera is pointed at them. I learned what the difference between those two situations are. I’ve taken pictures of close friends and loved it. I’ve also taken pictures of new friends and felt that the situation helped us come closer together.
My Dad and I shoot weddings together, it’s a different situation and a completely different environment. It’s always rewarding to finish a job and look back at the images you’re happy with. The best way to keep energized for those long working days is to take a break and do something just for the love of it. Every once in awhile I get the opportunity to bring a camera and a small light to a gathering of friends and take some pictures. This weekend turned out to be one those opportunities. It takes me back to that fundamental love of photography and it’s always a good time. I find it interesting to see who is the ham and who might have the big personality away from the camera, but in front it becomes a bit shy or uncomfortable. What might be one of the more interesting things about pictures is that the viewer might not be able to tell who was comfortable and who wasn’t. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes not so much. As a viewer of a completed image we bring an outsider’s take on the situation. Two people might see a different emotion in a photograph, interpretation is everything.  There are examples of that in the following shots. These are friends and new acquaintances…

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