Melissa and Derek

Melissa and Derek had both their wedding and reception at The Riverview in Simsbury, CT.  Maureen and her staff did a terrific job, but what else is new?

Trisha and Mark

Trisha and Mark lead charmed life.  They decided on a destination wedding along the shore in New Jersey with friends and family coming from as far way as Ireland.  Friday brought wind and rain and the forecasts for Saturday were not much better.  But the clouds and gray of the morning gave way to sun and blue skies by the time Trisha walked down the aisle.  Perfect weather for a walk on the beach.  What had been a soggy mess just twenty-four hours before, turned into a beautiful sunset over the water.

Allie and Blake

Allie and Blake decided to have their wedding at the Gwyn Careg Inn in Pomfret, CT.   We’d never been to Pomfret before, actually, we’d never even heard of it before.  It took us two and a half hours to get there but was it ever worth it!  The Gwyn Carey Inn is both charming and absolutely beautiful.  Stonewalls surround a spacious grassy courtyard and flower gardens are everywhere.  It was the perfect for Ali and Blake.

Julie and Matt

Julie and Matt are both Marines.  Military uniforms, the crossed sword tradition, the wind whipping Julie’s train while they kissed by the lake – it all made for great pictures.  The Candlewood Inn was, a usual, at the top of their game.  No one wanted to see the evening end.

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